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Fat BYC umpire logo designed by colouring in master Blair Sayer

What’s the BYC?

We set up The BYC, New Zealand’s first cricket podcast, back in 2006. It’s not a party political broadcast for NZ Cricket, it’s slightly tongue in cheek with enough cricket for the discerning fan. The BYC is an acronym for whatever: Back Yard Cricket, Boys Yak Crap, Beige Yarn Club…Email us with your thoughts:

Check out The BYC page on iTunes or rock on over to our blog to hear the latest episode

The BYC Crew: Mark II (Episodes 106- )

Lane is a professionally trained radio guy and a co-founder of the Beige Brigade. He holds things together but fabricates facts and repeats anecdotes over and over. And over. His nickname is Boots and he loves Bruce Edgar.

JJD is the artist formerly known as Newsboy. He bowls a sensational outswinger and has a cricket net at his house.

Dylan is a serious cricket writer for the NZ Herald, bringing with him an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game and a smidgen of gravitas.

Alex is the producer and is related to freedom fighter Lindsay Perigo.

The BYC Crew: The Originals (Episodes 1- 105)

Kev is the anchor man of the BYC. A cricket prodigy as a child his career went to tatters when he gave away six overthrows in a Wellington school cricket match against Scots College.

The Godfather is one half of the Beige Brigade. Zero cricketing pedigree, although does talk a great game. Paul will  wear something beige or beige-related at each and every BYC rendezvous.

Blair the woman slayer Sayer is a graphic artist, cricket lover and closet musician. Listen out for him in the BYC Orchestra belting out tunes about some of your favourite cricketers from days gone by.

Jason Off-White Thunder Willis is much more than a cricket loving kickboxing car salesman. Well actually, he is not much more but those three things make him a critical member of the BYC.

James, aka Fat Lou’s Old Man, is the magnificent third* producer of the BYC. He has the keys to the studio and knows how everything in there works so he is pretty important.

*First producer Pieta Phyall (aka The Cheese Grater) has been fired. She was the technical producer of the BYC. She had travelled to the Land of the Long White Cloud to learn more about NZ men.

*Second producer Reece (not Ryan, Rhys or Brian) has not been fired but has relocated. He still owns a Raleigh 20 and a number of other ridiculous bicycles.