View of a mock game at the proposed VIP

Welcome to Victoria International Park‘s temporary home here on the Beige Brigade’s flash new website.

Once all the ducks are in a row, the VIP website will be up and running to inform all and sundry about what and how the VIP will hopefully come to fruition on Auckland’s fine shores.

For now, here’s a bit of a blurb about what the VIP is looking to achieve.

An iconic outdoor venue…and central!

The VIP project is a vision that will see the green space of Victoria Park developed into an international sports and festival space.

The space would not only see international Test cricket return to Auckland after a 7-year hiatus due to a lack of adequate facilities, but would also cater for outdoor concerts, festivals and events.

What would be …better than knocking off work a couple of hours early and strolling down to Vic Park to sip on a beer in the sun, parked up on the embankment (with your tie off and your jandals on)?

Public use of the park would not be compromised as the only permanent addition would be some snazzy new player/back-of-house facilities and a grass embankment.

Check out the artist impressions in the albums, share, like, comment and generally fill ya boots. Auckland ballsed up the Waterfront Stadium, this is only a fraction of that and would add an immense legacy to Auckland.

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