The night lights throw an eerie, unnatural glow. Grown men in crazy coloured outfits flit across the dewy outfield in pursuit of a small white orb. Two players in wildly divergent colours attempt – after the white orb has been retrieved – to bludgeon the thing as far as they can with pieces of sculptured wood.
(From “One Day Wonders” by Graeme Hutchins)

“Waugh Waugh – Your Mother’s A Door” (Snedz circumvents the language restrictions against Australia, Basin Reserve)

“Take your hands out of your pockets if you’ve kissed a girl with the last name Henzell” (to Paul Wiseman, Basin Reserve)

“We hate you Courtney Walsh – but we like you more than Kapil Dev” (Mr Walsh enjoys a bit of Brigade banter as he chips up to Kapil’s test wicket record, Westpac Trust Park)

“Mark Waugh chips away at my Nana” (Banner references the other Waugh’s elderly wife at the MCG)

“Bread and water, bread and water” (Ntini’s past cops a serve, Gabba)

“Your girlfriend’s embarrassed!” (an angry Australian supporter does a sheep joke and gets crucified by the Brigade, resulting in him being dragged off by his girlfriend, Adelaide Oval)

“How many times has Michael Slater been dismissed in the 90s ladies and gentlemen? NINE times” (slimy Slater fires up, Basin Reserve)

“You’re a boltface boltface boltface” (Marilyn Manson’s twin is described, Lancaster Park)

“Lid, Lid show us your lid – or we’ll tell David Trist what time you got home in Taupo!” (to a NZ middle order batsman, McLean Park)

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Mayor of Taupo” (it was actually not the mayor – we were told later the man’s wife was the Mayoress, McLean Park)

Where are you going? Home, home, home!” (to the Sydney crowds leaving after another hiding from New Zealand, SCG)