The Alternative Commentary Collective Aural Special: Part 3

If you’re a cricket fan and you don’t know what The Alternative Commentary Collective is all about then you’re (a) a massive loser and (b) missing out.

Game 3 is the miraculous heartstopper tie in the Garden of Eden.

A special thanks to the good buggers at TRN who edited their iHearts out getting this together. Enjoy – and apologies in advance.




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  1. Absofuckinglootely sensational. All the highs and lows of the game encompassed in a dramatic, educational, and endearing commentary. I’ve moved to Oz but there is no better commentary for following the Black Cappo’s. Who knew komodo dragons could reproduce asexually? Not I good sir’s, not I, not until I heard it first with you’s. Will you be broadcasting for the World Cup???? #KiwiDrDre

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