BYC Podcast #167: “The Camel Milk Episode”

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This week the news package from Cleaver dominates as The Ashes sledging/abuse dramas get discussed at length; Wells compares Tim Southee to a female camel; and Lane suffers a horrendous Last Man Stands caught and bowled injury to the frank and beans.

Listen in below or on iTunes.



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  1. shayne billings December 4, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    G’day BYC ! Just recently discovered you guys via cricinfo – talk about a convoluted way to get to your podcast – what next, secret winks, handshakes and hand drawn maps ? Anyways, I am glad you do what you do – I wish there was an aussie equivalent.
    Must say I’m a huge fan of Blainy’s work. Perhaps my memory is starting to go at the ripe old age of 38 but I don’t remember his playing career being quite as illustrious as he recollects.
    Would it be possible to get Blainy to go on a never ending world tour covering any and every first class and international match – I would love his take on the current Ashes tour ,for example.
    All the best , good luck in next years world cup and remember… the v .

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