Episode 144 of The BYC Podcast: “The Live from the Botanic Gardens Episode”

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  1. Lord knows the BYC podcast is about the best half-hour of cricket commentary available, and I hesitate to criticise the purveyors of such fine entertainment. But as a loyal Wellingtonian may i join the other 57 pedants and point out the schoolboy error of both Jeremy and Mike referring to Anderson Park as Campbell Park. Had the Beige Brigade-Barmy Army game actually been played at Campbell Park, Paekakariki, I doubt anyone could have objected, it being surely one of the most picturesque sportsgrounds in the country. But as far as I know the game was definitely at Anderson, where incidentally as a child I remember attending the opening game of the Windies 1979-80 tour against the PM’s XI, at which Joe Garner took delight in dispatching many deliveries into adjacent Bowen Street. I have a vague recollection that Muldoon umpired and gave Bill Rowling not out in dubious circumstances. Otherwise, chaps, keep up the excellent work, including the return of the book nook.

  2. Typo alert – Joel Garner of course, Wouldn’t like to be accused of making a schoolboy error myself!

  3. Okay, in the interests of historical accuracy, and because this may be read out in the podcast, I trotted off for a quick check over old copies of the Evening Post. The game in question was on Sunday 3 February 1980 and was a charitable fixture in support of Barnados. In fact only two West Indians played – Garner and team captain Clive Lloyd – as the rest of the team were up in Hamilton playing a warm-up three-day game against ND.

    The two competing sides at Anderson that day were the PM’s XI and the Mayor’s XI. Lloyd and Garner played for Muldoon. The Evening Post carried a great photo of jockey Bill Skelton sitting on top of the shoulders of Bruce Taylor (who was keeping wickets) in the hope of catching Garner, who was then at the crease. ‘I should get it from up here’, Bill was quoted as saying. Lloyd top-scored for the PM’s team with 78. He was out when ‘zany radio Windy announcer’ Dave Mahoney bowled him two balls at once, one of which he hit with the other hit his stumps. The next top scorer for Muldoon’s men was Minister of Education Merv Wellington, with 61. Garner only got 37. But I was right – the report states that both Garner and Lloyd put ‘the odd shot half way down Bowen Street’.

    Muldoon did umpire when Rowling came into bat. ‘Odds were laid as to who would leave first’, the Post reported, but against expectations Rowling survived Muldoon’s stint in the middle. The Mayor’s XI had eight of Wellington’s Shell Trophy team but Labour MP Mick Connelly (for the PM’s XI) still got 5-28 through an apparently devastating spell of ‘right arm donkey drop’.

    The thing that strikes me about this game is that it was such a cheerful prelude to such a spiteful tour.

    Mayor’s XI 283

    PM’s XI 289/9

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